Saturday, August 30, 2008

Riding Icelandic Horse in Rope Halter

Here is Lorraine, riding Cookie, Icelandic Horse mare, in a rope halter. It has rings on the side for the reins.

Icelandic Horse Saddle Fit

Here are some great links for saddle fit:


Bits for Horses

Here is a good set of educational videos with information, descriptions, and mechanics of horse bits.

We don't necessarily agree with using bits, in place of good horsemanship and good training, to control horses.

If you find yourself escalating to higher control-type bits, the horse may need more / better training.

How Horse Bits & Bridles Work

Bitless Bridles

Snaffle Horse Bits

O-Ring Snaffle Horse Bits

D-Ring Snaffle Horse Bits

Snaffle Horse Bits With Leverage

Combination Horse Bits

Shank Snaffle Horse Bits

Shank Snaffle Horse Bits With a Roller

Elevator Horse Bit

Performance Leverage Horse Bits

Friday, August 29, 2008

Youtube Icelandic Horses

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